This is ORCA

An intelligent software application specifically built to help anyone who owns, manages or supports an ownership structure to gather, visualise and share legal, tax and compliance data.

Orcas are highly sociable creatures that work together in pods...
just like us.

Tomas Hurcik

Co-Founder, CEO

They say that the best ideas come from those looking to solve their own challenges. And solving the lack in structure in wealth management is definitely on top of ORCA’s list. Tomas co-created this solution to solve the challenges in an efficient way. He is a family man, innovator and seriously #orcanized


Gregor Feichtinger


Realizing there was a lack of structure in and around wealth management, Gregor wanted to find a simple solution.He took Einstein’s words to heart and now has a business thriving on the explanation of wealth management in a simple way because he understands it more than “well enough”.


Milko Benc


An international Business Manager, Milko loves advising family offices and companies on finding solutions for business issues and implementing appropriate measures. He worked for many years as director operations for one of the largest family offices in Germany. Milko hasn’t yet found a way to paraglide into work, but that is only a matter of time.


Our team is as unique and diversified as our clients.

Mariana Coelho

Chief Product Owner

Mariana has an enviable background in a wide array of projects and companies. All of this serves to make her one of the best in her field... it’s just a co-incidence she worked with Orca’s and now for ORCA.


Jakub Wolny

Chief Technology Officer

Jakub was born with an analytical mind and the urge to solve problems making him an ideal fit for ORCA. Yes, he loves React and Redux, but he loves his wife’s food more.


Silvan Oberli

VP Customer Success

Silvan works like someone who has success in his job title and is a serious asset to the ORCA team. Try to tell him otherwise and his dog Finn will have something to say about it.


Charmaine Tang

President USA

Charmaine has extensive experience serving family offices and corporate clients in the investment & private banking world. It was in this context that she first became aware of and fell in love with ORCA.


Pasquale Amante Iervolino

Business Development and Executive Committee support

Pasquale combines his Masters degree in Finance with his Neapolitan passion for life, channelling both experience and enthusiam into his work at ORCA.


Ivan Nieuwoudt


Ivan has a degree in Marketing and is passionate about sales. South African through and through, Ivan enjoys long strolls in nature with his 2 dogs Nina and Olof back on the Family farm.


Rodolfo Biglié

Senior Product Designer

Rodolfo is a sedentary nomad, whose philosophy is to combine creativity and logic to design meaningful and useful solutions.


Marin Liović

Senior Full-Stack Developer

As a senior full-stack developer, he's more picky about his coding than his coffee. Marin is a pro at reviewing and analyzing code, performing coding assignments and creating design plans. With over 10 years experience, ORCA can only benefit with him on board.


Michael Vigato

Software Engineer

From the Italian Dolomites, Michael is one of the most recent additions to Orca's pod: a software engineer specialised in front end development, with the goal of making Orca look and feel great.


David Duarte

Software Engineer

David is a full-stack developer from Lisbon, Portugal. He is passionate about making software that's meaningful for the people that use it. You can usually find him squashing some bugs under the supervision of his cat Buzz.


Joseph Badru

Senior Product Manager

Joseph traded his lawyer robes for a tech cape, flourishing as a seasoned Senior Product Manager, skillfully navigating the diverse realm of products with enthusiasm, eagerly embracing new challenges, and passionately supporting both products and founders.


Raphael Suter

Business Development Lead

Having maintained close ties with the founders of ORCA for many years, at some point, Raphi could no longer resist and had to join the pod. He is looking forward to making some noise in Switzerland, letting everybody know what ORCA is all about.


Eric Long

Customer Success Manager

Eric, a Customer Success professional, excels in assisting users to maximize the potential of products. Passionate about rock climbing and fitness, he seamlessly combines organizational prowess with a philosophy of lending a helping hand. His aspiration? To explore the world while making a difference.


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